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This is my little blog about everything shopping. Here I will talk about products and services that I'm interested and other (hopefully) interesting things.

Get Ready For A New Summer Hobby

Well, we're still deep into winter, but does that stop me from being able to talk about the upcoming seasons? I hope not because that is what I'm going to do. I wanted to write about what I'm going to be preparing myself for now before the summer. SURFING! that's right, I'm going to take up surfing as a hobby!

I've hear a lot of good things about how fun surfing can be, but I have heard that it is a steep learning curve. I've been online and looked at what equipment I need and I've even looked at wetsuits and bought one!

I found a great surf shop online and managed to get some of the things I need from there. The next step is learning how to surf! I know it might take me a few months but i'm going to start early before the summer, so that by the time the sun comes out I can take my board into the sea with no worries about being rubbish!

Look out for me riding the waves.

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