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This is my little blog about everything shopping. Here I will talk about products and services that I'm interested and other (hopefully) interesting things.

Furniture For A Christmas Present?

So I've looked into buying furniture for my boyfriend this Christmas, bit of an odd one, I KNOW! But he really wants to get a lazy boy. I know I know, its a womans worst fear, but he has his own little room full of gadgets and technology so I suppose he is allowed to sit comfortably in there!

I say lazyboy but that is actually a brand-name, what I actually got was a nice shiatsu massage chair so that he can relax in his room and have the stress massaged out of him. I found the chair in the living room furniture section of a website that I found on Google, and It should arrive any day now. Well I hope it does, as its only 6 days until Christmas!

It's taken me quite a few weeks to get all my present shopping done, I'm one of those people who leaves it until last minute but I also eat my veggies first and leave the best till last!

I do hope he has all my presents ready, I'm very excited about the whole thing! I love Christmas, mainly the receiving but anyone who doesn't is clearly lying!

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