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This is my little blog about everything shopping. Here I will talk about products and services that I'm interested and other (hopefully) interesting things.

Catching A Break In the Security Industry

So you're unemployed and looking for work, always had you're eye on the security industry but never had the drive to getup and do something about it? Well, now is you're chance! You have all the time in the world, laying about job hunting, let me tell you how to have more potential for the security industry.


Get yourself some training for goodness sake! You have quite a bit of time on your hands at the moment, so why not go onto the internet and look up SIA training courses. Not only is this a required qualification for nearly all security related positions, it will also put you into the know about what to expect. You don't have to just complete SIA training, you can also try and look into taking basic courses that will give you more experience. It will show that you are putting the effort in to get the job position that you want, it will also be reflected on your CV.

Where to Look

Actually getting a job is the hardest part, it seems that the searching is the easiest. Although there are a lot of job search websites out there, finding the right one is the difference between looking for a needle in a haystack to looking through a newspaper. I came across a security related job search engine the other day, The website is called Cross-Deck and they have a wide range of positions available.

So if you're interested in landing yourself a good job, Get at it!

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